I am an artisan, a creator of happiness.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Welcome. You’ve finally found your way here.

Perhaps you follow My Twitter, or maybe you’ve become acquainted with Me through other avenues. Whatever led you to this place, here is where we officially meet.

I am a passionate Woman, and that passion is directed into all areas of My life. Particularly moved by those subjects that expand the mind and the perspective, I am a keen observer of human nature. Defying convention is in My nature, and My version of a  well-lived life is outside of the confines of a prescribed existence.

Naturally compassionate, My empathy turns cold at having to suffer fools. When choosing to enter My purview, the proper approach is humble, gentlemanly, and generously. Selfishness is never rewarded or tolerated, but meeting My terms offers kindness, warmth, and rich rewards.

Beautiful, bold, and bright,  Goddess,  I am an uncommon Woman in a common world.

The only way to capture My attention is with an initial tribute. Prove to yourself that you are a valuable addition.

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